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AED Aquiesdonde – Digital Agency

AED | Aquiesdonde

between brands and audiences

We work as a team, investigating and exchanging ideas to create and develop interactive products. We are a Digital Agency.

Digital Marketing

We specialize in digital marketing strategies. We create articulated and specific plans of action according to the projects needs. We provide advice and consulting to optimize budgets and achieve the best performance.

Web & Mobile

We build accessible and scalable web sites. We incorporate technological innovations to develop tools to enhance the presence of brands in digital media.

Online Advertising

We implement online and offline campaigns oriented to get results 100% objective and measurable. We develop media planning, SEM (Google Adwords), e-mail marketing and social media advertising.

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We create and recommend the most effective marketing strategies to strengthen the link between brand and user.

Online Advertising

We develop online integrated campaigns. We guide them towards clearly oriented goals obtaining definite results. We achieve this through media planning, SEM (Google Adwords), e-mail marketing and social media advertising.

Web & Mobile Design

We conceive the design from the aesthetic and functional. We conceptualize creativity by contemplating: information layout, usability, navigability and SEO, implementing the latest technologies.


We help brands to maximize their income through internet. We customize and develop e-commerce platforms with different payment options.

Mobile App & Tablets

We develop custom-made sites and apps for mobiles and tablets. We work on IOS, Android and RIM. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We guide the design, content and layout to facilitate web positioning. We advise brands to improve the SEO of online projects.

Social Media

We reinforce the identity of brands by introducing their image and message to social networks through campaigns and applications: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, among others.

Web Video

We work with motion graphic tools and 3D. We create corporate videos, product demonstrations and video banners.

Augmented Reality

We combine elements of the real world with objects created in virtual space. We generate user interaction in real time, combining technologies such as Papervision 3D, Action Script 3, Java, HMTL5 and PHP.

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Augmented Reality UDESA

Using augmented reality as a technological resource, we developed an interactive campaign aimed at prospective undergraduate students.

Users interact, discover a message and share the experience with friends. The project consists of four steps. From a flyer that the user stands in front of the webcam, users interact on screen with real and virtual elements, capture a picture and share in their social networks and viralizando action.

The application also included a tab on the Fan Page of University of San Andrés. Fans and followers can viralizar action on Facebook.

UDESA Realidad Aumentada

UDESA Realidad Aumentada facebook app

Client: Universidad de San Andrés www.udesa.edu.ar/ideas/

Technologies // AS3 PHP CSS HTML MYSQL

UDESA Site Mobile

Design and Programming mobile site of University of San Andrés, compatible Android devices, iOS and RIM. The result is a synthetic, primarily targeted to present the undergraduate, postgraduate and generate leads / interviews.

Udesa Site Mobile

Udesa Site Mobile

Udesa Site Mobile

Client: Universidad de San Andrés


Interactive Installation Puma

Creativity, design and assembly of interactive installation on Puma Store (Alto Palermo Shopping, Buenos Aires).

Puma Instalación Interactiva

Puma Instalación Interactiva

Client: Puma vimeo.com/51628528

Technologies // Moldeo

El Cruce Columbia – Facebook APP

Development of Facebook App where runners recorded start and end time of each stage of the competition. Runner could share with their friends and followers time and positions. Friends and followers of the runners also could register to follow marks of their favorite runners. Backend was developed for validating and loading times runners.

Client: El Cruce Columbia

Technologies // HTML5, CSS, PHP, MYSQL

Website Evangelina Bomparola

Web Design. E-mail marketing. Desing and upgrade of contents on social media. Design of the Winter 2012 collection microsite. Visual live set for the Winter 2012 collection launch at BAFWeek.

Evangelina Bomparola Diseño Web

Evangelina Bomparola Diseño Web

Client: Evangelina Bomparola www.evangelinabomparola.com

Technologies // HTML5 CSS3 PHP jQuery Flash AS3 Wordpress

UDESA Realidad Aumentada Udesa Site Mobile Puma Instalación Interactiva Evangelina Bomparola Diseño Web
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Keep Working

It’s an interactive piece that uses Augmented Reality to represent, in a metaphorical way, a beating heart. We use the virtual universe to show an action that we don´t see, but is happening all the time, all around us.

We associate the heart with a power plant. The German term well describes the concept: Kraftwerk [Kraft: energy, strength - Werk: factory]. Each group of cells forms part of this “power plant”, sending and receiving messages promoting a rhythmic organization, stimulated by the physical and emotional context.

While millions of cells divided into specific areas contribute to the drive of each beat, a heart cell, single and split, preserves its own beat.

Keep Working




AED Aquiesdonde – Digital Agency

between brands and audiences

We work as a team, investigating and exchanging ideas to create and develop interactive products. We are a Digital Agency.